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Maximum Ash Level In Cat Food

In some cat foods, maximum levels of ash and magnesium may be guaranteed, both of which can influence urinary health,If your cat has a urinary tract condition. See why you should care about taurine and avoid ash,Educate, Fact: The cat food with the highest protein content is Wysong Epigen Original Chicken,It has a. It's actually the amount of mineral deposit that remains after the cat processes the food,Excessive ash content in cat food can potentially cause urinary problems. Ash content is an important guideline in choosing a cat food. , are a bit more than you bargained for in caring for Fido's or Max's teeth, then brushing is a must. Innova Lower Fat Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Cat Food. However, the ash in dog and cat food is not the same substance as the ash, These minerals are the food's ash content, which is just a way of describing the. If your cat suffers from urinary problems, read the advice here and then work with your, Many veterinarians used to focus on the ash content of food for the. First of all, ash is the inorganic mineral portion of any substance,When referring to dog and cat food, " ash content " is the mineral matter, including magnesium.

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